Get Carried Away, together……..

If you’re looking for some romantic ideas for you and your partner in Brisbane, here’s a recipe for a truly romantic day.  Hot air ballooning is the world’s oldest and most romantic form of flight.  See the fleet of colourful, majestic, gentle giant balloons take to the skies for a tranquil drift above reality. Hot Air Ballooning Brisbane is made for romance.

  • Wake up in the morning before your sweetheart, will you tell them your surprise now or take the drive to meet us and keep the secret until they see the balloons at launch?  Imagine what a great opening for a day this could be!
  • Before getting in the car, stick a romantic note on the wheel
  • See the surprise on their face, when they see the inspiring sight of  a hot air balloon at launch
  • Float gently over Brisbane’s scenic rim, see the world from a whole new perspective, together
  • A kiss just before landing, is a romantic tradition in the world of ballooning
  • Afterwards, enjoy a glass of chilled sparkling wine on the verandah of O’Reilly’s historic homestead
  • Tuck into a delicious hot breakfast at a table for two
  • Fresh brewed coffee and tea then a stroll through the gardens, maybe some wine tasting
  • Choose to stay on Brisbane’s Scenic Rim, visit wineries, have a leisurely lunch, explore through the markets and boutiques, it’s your day to enjoy
  • Or return home or to your resort, some afternoon delight always goes well, after a morning’s balloon flight

As you can see hot air ballooning really is one of the most romantic things to do from Brisbane, now just go and surprise them and see the smile on their face.